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, as well, that the president of the united states has been notified. a guest joins us on the telephone. we are putting together a lot of unclear pieces, but, colonel, what is racing through your mind? >> it is a tragic situation, neil. clearly, we have a situation of multiple shooters on a military institution. the security is always very tight. i do not see, having been in the military and just having walked out of the pentagon, literally, where you have our people ready, anticipating these types of actions. we are a country at war. this particular site that the senator talked about moments ago on fox news is a site where we were preparing men and women to go to places like iraq and afghanistan. they are, of course, in a high state of concern. their families are cheerful. they know the an argument. most of them have probably come from a tour in iraq -- their families are fearful. it could be disenchanted soldiers. it could be a variety of people. but just understand that the people who are on that base, soldiers, understand what it is like to be fired at. their actions are going to be ver
think it could be a precursor to what is happening in the united states agreed to buy -- in the united states. dubai's debt is $60 billion bridge and what happens if the chinese and other countries say , we are not feeling confident about your ability to repay debt. what you pay it back right now? we are being made fun of for our inability to pay bank debt. it could be a real issue. brian: cleanse this money? it was citibank, it was u.k. banks who loaned the money. if they do not get paid back a few billion dollars here and there, won't it exacerbate an already difficult lending environment for companies? >> governments, like the u.s. government and dubai government, say there is nothing to worry about. this is basically a government entity that is having a difficulty paying back the debt. so it could translate to other countries, and unfortunately we are one of them. we're looking at 10 trillion dollars of new borrowing fees over the next decades high. brian: our dow jones managing at a terse says that the discussion about bailing out banks here is spawning a chapter in to buy about w
lawyers will try and put the government on trial. george bush was president of the united states. he kept us say from islamic terrorist attacks at the day he was president. maybe somebody should note that it only happened after he left office on our soil, and that administration is still having difficulty. after they figured out this was an islamic terrorist attack, bin laden instructed people to carry out attacks like hasan carried out. it is in their game plan. the attack on fort drum was such an attack. not necessarily ordered but carried out in the name of jihad. it does not take a genius to figure it out. neil: when michael bloomberg said he supports the obama administration's decision to prosecute terrorist in new york , they can face justice near the site where some many new yorkers were murdered. what do you make sense of? >> they should be treated as war criminals, because it was an act of war. this was an act of war, an act of terror. they should be prosecuted in a military tribunal. we would not have tried the people who attacked pearl harbor in a civilian court in hawaii for w
ministers from around the world think that the united states needs to deal with unemployment. the only way to do that is through more federal spending. neil: if that were the case, why would the chinese lecture us on americans saving more on spending less belloc's -- spending less? when the chinese start lecturing us on things financial, should we not be a little worried? >> i take that with a grain of salt. the time -- chinese had the biggest stimulus program of any country on earth. they did exactly what the united states ought to be doing. neil: they are spending money that they have, we are spending money we do not. >> well, we are borrowing money at the cheapest interest rates you could probably borrow at. it is not free money, but it is a very favorable interest rates. neil: how long do you think it will be so low? >> a hard thing to predict, but the bond market, everyone is predicting, if you look at down term interest rates, they are low as well. neil: you are right about that. i am not saying that there is a graveyard staring at us, but you have got to pay for this at some point,>
to be negative towards the united states. it's just not done, even though you're supposed to do it. you're doing a disservice to the investigation, though, by leaving it out? >> oh, sure you are, but the united states government does not want to talk about religion, and so they will do anything to try to make sure this guy has either been harassed, that he's crazy or anything but faith. >> it's a subject you don't want to hit on. michael, thank you for the time. it is a topic that we have to look more into. we still don't have all the information just yet. thanks very much. we could be just hours away for healthcare vote tomorrow maybe and tomorrow definitely, special time for the cost of freedom block, i want to remind you it starts at 1:00, one to 3:00 tomorrow. the glenn beck program is coming up next. the judge, andrew napolitano, is sitting in for glenn beck. have a good weekend. take care.
% in the united states. of that, 70% of those people shopped on-line. sales are only 7% or 8% of total u.s. sales. neil: so, when you hear big retail sales data today, how indicative of that is the entire retail industry? >> it is a big deal for online sales. it keeps the momentum coming from black friday weekend, where offline was a bigger component, keeping consumers shopping and finding deals. neil: i take nothing away from going to a mall. a lot of people love it. to me, i would rather have one of my fingernails removed. i am wondering, this is a sexist comment on my part, but is this a male phenomenon that we are watching today? >> interestingly enough, the offline accounts for 70%. he in contrast it is kind of a male thing, but women are also buying. neil: the understanding on the internet is that you know what you are getting. he did not just go in and look around. i usually look for the wisconsin cheese dude. if i do not see them, i keep walking. on the internet you know ahead of time, right? >> more than half of the people that shop online do not know what they want. they have a need to
these prisoners to the united states, which implied civilian trials. and at that meeting in february he told us that he had not made a decision. clearly he already had. i think that the statements on his part and the part of the attorney general do not square with the commitment that we have heard over last couple of years. neil: if it turns out that he is found guilty and they recommend the death penalty and he is put to death, would you feel any differently about this? >> look, justice delayed is justice denied. it is eight years, for some families even longer. i do not understand this dance that is going on. the purpose is to find out who is guilty and who is not guilty. to make sure that the innocent are not punished and that the guilty are punished. but it is clear that that is not the purpose for the administration. that there is some other kind of consideration. i am very concerned about this plea for a dismissal about the lack of a trial, wherever these people were caught. it makes no sense. people are citing the 1993 terrorists who attacked the world trade center. well, we tried those
obama. it went for hillary clinton when she was running for the united states senate, and it has been one that the democrats have been targeting from the very beginning, and that is part of the fact of the president taking the democrats out of there and making him an appointee for the army. they have an election again next year, and i think the important point here is not only in that race but around the nation. we see a lot of people out there who are independents, who are fed up and to, all you have to do is look at the polls in terms of the popularity of congress, look at people's reaction to the fact that we are spending the next generation's birthright, at a time when people are concerned about jobs, and this administration is putting all of their chips on health care as the nation reaches almost 10% unemployment, and you see a lot of good reasons why the independents went 2 to 1 in virginia. neil: i do want to ask you to follow-up on what happened in this hoffman situation. >> i thought i did that very eloquently. you could do not give me attitude. i am just kidding. they argued
. >> that is necessary, because they have a monopoly here in the united states. brian: they are calling it a test vote. that is all. so why is this monster called an attack on marriage? all that is ahead. (announcer) we understand. you need to save money. >> to run my said courier, i have consistently rejected efforts -- throughout my senate career, i have consistently rejected efforts to obstruct -- brian: ben nelson of nebraska is sank -- saying that the test vote is not a real boat. -- not a real vote. is this a test, only a test? >> no. i greatly respect the senator, but good luck with that back home, because this is a vote for the bill. i know that there will be a second vote later on. but anything democrats try to do to improve the bill will require votes from here on out and be more difficult to do. i think that the fact that harry reid has to have this vote, just like nancy pelosi, at 8:00 p.m. on a saturday night -- anyone who has teen-ager's knows that if something is going on and the dark of night, something is not working. something is not right. they should look at it. brian: we will have
political correctness. it's rampant within the united states army officer corps. it's not something -- we should be paying attention to this. and the problem is, after 9/11 -- we can monday morning quarterback because of the tragedy of 9/11 and because of this. this is 13 deaths and 30 wounded. this is a terrible tragedy. and it could have been and should have been avoided. and we're seeing the same thing in our senior army leadership who are even talking about what happened. officers like general casey and others are not talking about this directly. we're talking about it in a p.c. tone which should tell all of us that this type of tragedy can happen again. we've got to get this stopped. it starts with leadership and certainly confidence. it didn't happen in this case obviously. neil: i wonder whether someone is going to be punished for saying this guy sounds like a muslim crazy, whether that guy is the one who's going to be punished and not the guy saying the crazy stuff. >> yes. yes, we have lawsuits over -- identified people who thought were a danger on planes. the answer is yes. but
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10